Testimonials — See what our guests are saying about our Salsa Lessons in Yel p.com.

I came here for the Monday night beginners class with a friend on a Groupon. We both had a blast!!!

Class lasted an hour and our instructors Ricardo and Tianne were high energy and excellent teachers. Through repetition we learned a few steps and a very basic “routine”. I’ve taken salsa classes before and never were this intense! And not in a scary way, but man I was sweating! I really got into the class, enjoying myself dancing away. While my other salsa classes were fun, it just did not measure up to how involved I got here learning. They change the music frequently and you change partners, keeping everything fresh. It’s really up to you how much you get out of this class, but if you leave wanting it’s not because of Ricardo and Tianne. They are excellent, detailed instructors that really motivate you. I would come back in a heart beat!!!
— Jen K
The directors of this company come from different backgrounds with complementary skill sets and produce the most awesome choreography. I feel like I’ve grown in so many ways as a dancer since I’ve been with them. They focus a lot on fundamentals, creativity, and expression that transfer over to social dancing like a dream. Highly recommended and super fun.
— Scott Erickson
Do you LOVE to learn something new? Why not try salsa dancing!?

RicaSalsa Dance offers classes all over the Bay Area for $10/class. My boyfriend and I bought a groupon deal, and we’ve been twice so far. The hour zooms by, and even an experienced dancer (like myself) can learn a new turn or two.

Fun times!
— Seymour Glass
This place is great! The staff is extremely friendly and very helpful. Both the teachers are fun and very easy to talk to and learn from. They also are very patient, as I consider myself a terrible dancer as I lack rhythm, the ability to swing hips, and always look stiff, (I look like I’m doing the robot constantly) but they don’t give up on me and have helped me look not terrible at some basic salsa steps. They do a fantastic job of helping you feel comfortable, loose, and teaching you the basics. I have come here a few times and will continue because not only do I feel like I am making progress in my fight against my own lack of rhythm, but it is actually a lot of fun!
— Tom o'farrell
First and Foremost, I love that Rica Salsa tries to “expand” the dance to other dance genres; meaning that what they present to the salsa community is a mixture of difference dances...we’re not supposed to look like anybody because to our knowledge, no one else tries to do what Ricardo and Tianne are doing...so if we look different, if we have a little edge, if we work the dance around the music, if we “frame” the woman to look good first, and you feel good watching/ dancing/ grooving to what Rica Salsa does, then trust the feeling and have fun with it...and you know what, go one more step, take that feeling and put it into action and go check out what Rica Salsa is all about...

I put feeling into action and the “ride of my life” hasn’t stopped!...Rica Salsa has been the best thing to happen to me in a long time, and the best part is that it just keeps getting better and better...

Does that make you want to “at least check out what’s the buzz’s all about?” GOOD...If you want to join a “family oriented, goal oriented, FUN oriented DANCE company,” come check us out!...
— Jamison Cabigon
Great teachers, great classes. Ricafdo and Tianne make you to enjoy and love to dance.
— Larisa Lara